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I started offering premium content to reward the generosity of those folks who were donating money — unprompted & unasked! — to support this new Thoughtful Money venture. I didn’t want to just take their money for free.

So I started re-publishing my “Adam’s Notes” for them. These are my detailed Cliffs Notes summaries of the key takeaways from the interviews I conduct each week. Essentially, I take notes so that they don’t have to.

On top of those, I’m increasingly offering additional advanced and/or exclusive benefits — like live access to topical recordings where they can ask questions directly to my expert guests. A good example of this is the recent post-FOMC de-brief with Axel Merk.

I also regular Q&A sessions with Thoughtful Money’s endorsed financial advisors (the New Harbor team, Lance Roberts, and Jonathan Wellum), and only premium subscribers are able to watch live and ask questions. The general public will only get the replay.

Premium subscribers will also receive price discounts on Thoughtful Money events, like our upcoming Spring Conference in March (exact date to be announced soon).

And last but not least, if developing events trigger me to release an alert in the future (which I do very sparingly), premium subscribers will receive 24-hours advance notice before I make it public.

So, if you become a premium subscriber today, you’ll enjoy:

  • access to my Adam’s Notes summaries

  • advance/exclusive content + ability for live interaction with TM guest experts

  • live access to Ask Anything Q&A with our endorsed financial advisors

  • price discounts to TM events/conferences

  • alerts

Plus, you’ll have the good feeling that you’re supporting the financial sustainability of Thoughtful Money’s mission to educate & empower regular investors (just like you) to fund their life goals.

If all that sounds like a pretty great deal for just $15/mo (only 50 cents/day), please upgrade to a premium subscription today:

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